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Milkman Sound Half Pint & Creamer Amplifier Review

May 18, 2015

Tim Marcus of Milkman Sound has created some amazing amplifiers! We absolutely love them. I literally cannot explain how much I love the Milkman Sound Half Pint and Creamer! For me The Creamer and Half Pint design is the perfect marriage between tweed and blackface style amplifiers. Take a Tweed power circuit with a Princeton Reverb front end and introduce the tube driven reverb and tremolo and you end up with a magic combination!!  One of the surprising things to me from the first time I plugged into a Milkman Sound Amplifier was the overall amount of headroom these amps have. Even the little 5 Watt Half Pint is a loud amplifier with plenty of cleans on tap! The Creamer... Continue Reading →